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Shocking Truth: 96% of People Never Click On Websites Beyond Page 1 of Google

If you website is not on Page 1 of Google, then you are losing tons of leads and sales to competitors above you. Let us help you with our proven SEO strategies, like how we have helped our clients…

Our Proven SEO Strategies Can Help You

Increase Quality Traffic

People who are searching and ready to buy your services will come to your website. They are best visitors you can have.

Greater Brand Exposure

Ranking in top positions in Google searches suggest your web pages have useful and relevant content for your visitors.

24/7 Internet Presence

Getting ranked high in Google search results allows anyone with internet to find your website online, anywhere, anytime.

6 reasons why Frozenrank is your preferred Singapore SEO agency

Everyone is an SEO ‘Expert’ nowadays. Don’t believe? Just do a search on freelancing sites like Upwork, and you get an SEO Expert from India offering SEO service at $5/hr. Oh wait… you may have already been irritated by their spam emails every day. But there are reasons why clients still choose us and not others…

Safe Work

You can be fully assured that our SEO strategies are safe and we will never do anything that is illegal or black hat.

No Contracts

We don’t want clients to stay with us because of contracts. We want them to stay only because we deliver.

24/7 Tracking

We monitor your rankings round the clock. We will also provide you access to our tracking system to track your progress.

Latest Methodologies

We are always up to date with the latest SEO methodologies to improve the results for our clients.

No Conflict Of Interest

We do not take on new clients who are direct competitors to our existing clients. Our clients will, and always, come first.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe if we did not add any value to your website and search rankings, then we do not deserve your money.

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But…our SEO service is not for all businesses

We would love to help every businesses that enquired about our SEO service, but we are selective and only work with clients whose businesses fulfill a set of criteria. We also limit the number of clients we work with at any given time. This is to ensure our clients get our best attention, and we give them their best results.

We work with clients who:

1. Have an active business which is already running. 

We can bring you leads, but you must have the capability and resources to serve your customers well. Our services work best for companies who want to grow fast and go far.

2. Website is not penalized by Google. 

Your previous SEO vendor may have done something that angers Google and caused a penalty on your website. To get top search positions again, you don’t need our proven SEO service. You need a Google Penalty Recovery service.

3. Not in direct competition with our existing clients. 

That’s obvious.

SEO Service Rates

This will depend on your website status, your competition, and your industry. But you will not expect ‘market rate’ from us, unless you want ‘market rate’ results. We rate our SEO services highly, and can guarantee you real sustainable results or you simply don’t pay.

If you are keen to explore our SEO services and see how we can increase your leads and sales, then we shall talk! Let us know a little bit more about your business, your industry, and most importantly, your revenue goals.

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