Update: We achieve 100% Page 1 rankings for 100% of keywords in the 4th month!

This is a case study based on the SEO services we have provided for a client.


Early this year, we received a enquiry to provide SEO services for a Singapore based business in the security industry. They have been in the security industry for a few years and has established their presence in offline media. However, they require assistance in the digital realm.

Proposed Solution

We sat and discuss with the business owners the digital marketing services we provide that will allow him to dominate their industry online. They already have a website. However, in today’s Web2.0 era, having a website is not enough.

You need a website that can be found. You need a website that brings visitors. We suggested that they start with SEO. With SEO, their website will rank for relevant and profitable keywords related to their products and services. These keywords will also help them drive targeted visitors to their website, which will convert them into their leads and sales.

We discussed and agreed on the 12 keywords to rank on the top 10 of Google. The keywords selected are the top keywords in their industry, and have higher monthly search volume.

If you understand SEO, we are aiming to rank more short-tail keywords than long-tail ones. Shorter keywords bring in higher volume of traffic and is more difficult to rank – which the also the reason why we are hired to do so.

All agreed, we proceeded with the work.


Here are the ranking results over the 3 months.

After the 1st month, this is the rankings of the 12 keywords. URL and Keywords are hidden for privacy purposes. MS stands for the average monthly search volume for the particular keyword.



Below is the rankings for the 2nd month.



Below is the rankings for the 3rd month.


As you can see there are significant jumps over the months for most of the keywords. From the 3rd month report, you can see that we have managed to achieve a few top 5 positions, even when top 10 was the required target.

On the other hand, we failed to achieve 100% top 10 rankings for all keywords (yes, that one keyword which need more time to jump higher !)


In the 4th month, we managed to achieve the agreed rankings. Although it is one month late, we are glad we are still able to achieve what we promise to them.


So what did we do to get these results?

Read on below for the tips for the improvement in search rankings. We follow consistently what we set out to do until we achieve our goals!

Tips for higher rankings

Before we start with any SEO work, we will always do the necessary checks on the SEO status of the website. This analysis will help us determine the work required for the upcoming months. After an analysis on the website, we realized there are many On Page SEO factors that the website fails to fulfill.

If you are doing any SEO work for your website, before doing anything, always check that the on page factors are fulfilled first. Here’s the On Page check list for you.

We completed the On Page SEO, and proceeded with the next stage of SEO work, Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO talks about the external factors that affect the rankings of the website. This includes back links, social media shares, mentions, and so on.

Here are some of the methods that we have used for Off Page SEO

1) Local Directory

If the business is a local business with a local address, then you want to get the business listed on local directories, in this case, Singapore business directories and industry related ones. First is for the backlinks, second is for presence. If your business is based in Singapore, do check out this list of Singapore business directories by my friend, Marcus at SEOGoodGuys.com.sg.

The links from Directories will give a boost not only for the website, but also for Google location listings. This is important if you run a local brick and mortar business, because Google will list your business details on their location listings, along with maps, phone number and business operation hours.

For our client, we focused mainly on local directories, and security-related directories based overseas as well.

2) Social Media Links

As we have shared on The Singapore Marketer magazine, we said that spammy backlinks don’t work anymore. On top of that, social links play a role too. Social links include Facebook shares, Twitter tweets, Google pluses, Tumblr reblogs, and many more.

How do you get those links?

First, the business needs to have a social media presence. If you have an established business, it is quite easy to build up your presence as your brand is already known. If you are new, you may take some time.

Before rushing to create all the social media accounts out there, you have to know your market first. Where do your audience congregate? Do they hang around more on Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram? If you are an established brand, it could be all 3 platforms, or even more. If you just started out, then focus on a few first for maximum influence.

Want to get social signals to your website? Create great content that people want to share! Create compelling content in the form of blog posts, info graphics, case studies (like this), reviews that engages with your audience.

3. Guest posts

Guest posting is though to be a spammy way to get links in 2014 when the then-Head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts say so. People went all out to stop guest posting and and declare them an outdated way to get links.

However, we don’t think so! Guest posting is not dead, is how you do it! Guest posting is a way to provide content and value for the guest blog! Your content has to be relevant, and not link-focused. When you do it right, the guest blog will reward you handsomely by allowing you to place links, and even promote the content for you!

To start guest posting, you have to find good blogs to write for. Good blogs means they are in relevant niches as yours, they have an audience, and they accept guest posts. Approach the web editor and ask if you can contribute an article onto their site. You may or may not get a response. Either way, just ask, as many blogs as you can.

Can your website get the same SEO result?

Definitely yes. We believe all websites can achieve top Google rankings if they follow a proven SEO ranking strategy. Do you want us to you rank your website in Google so you can get high quality leads and sales for your business?

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