Here we are again to bring you another SEO case study!

Previously, we showed you how to we achieve 100% Page 1 rankings in 4 months. This time, we are going to show you how we get a website to jump 122 positions in Google for a competitive and targeted keyword, all in just 60 days.


This website that we are doing SEO for, is in the Real Estate niche. The real estate niche in Singapore is a very competitive niche. We are known for a city with expensive housing and a vibrant property market. As such, there’s always good money to be made, and hence, the competition is always there.

The website that we are working on is a sales launch for a premium condominium project (which sell each unit at a minimum of S$1 million). The keyword we are targeting to achieve top 10 in rankings, is the main keyword – the name of the project, with 1900 searches per month. By ranking for this keyword high up in Google, we are generating high quality leads for the sales agent who will then follow up with the lead to purchase the million-dollar property.

Proposed Solution

When we first met up with the sales agent, his website is already up, but is not ranking for any keywords. In other words, he is not getting any search traffic, or any leads for his condominium project. Or rather, his competitors who rank their sites on Google are stealing all the leads!

There is still time to rank his sites as the property project still has a few months before the launch. So we take this chance to rank his sites fast with our SEO service.

But wait, you may be thinking … where on earth is there quick SEO? All SEO takes time right?

Let us explain.

Possible To Jump 122 Positions In Less Than 60 Days?

Have a look at the chart below for the progress of the search ranking. The work started on 22nd August 2015 and reached top 10 in 30 days. We pushed it up higher to position 6 over the next 30 days.


Now, before you say we are manipulating Google or using illegal black-hat tactics to get up the search rankings fast… let us show you another chart that shows that the search result not only last for almost 6 months, but also rise higher in the rankings.

The chart you see below is the result as of 3rd February 2016. And yes, we are still serving the same client helping him to get more leads for his property launch project.



How Did We Do Achieve Such Fast Rise In Rankings?

If you have read in our first SEO case study, you would have read about some tips to get high rankings on Google. Did we use those SEO tips that we share to get high rankings for this particular real estate website as well?

The answer is yes.

However, this property website has some factors that helps it to rank faster, as compared to other websites.

1. The website is not brand new and the domain is about 1 year old. This will help as the domain is a little aged, compared to a domain name that is registered 1 week ago.

2. The website is active on social media. The sales agent do promote his website on his Facebook page and profile previously and this helps in getting some social signals.

3. The domain name is similar to the main keyword that we are doing SEO on. Exact Match Domain,or EMD. If you already know the main keyword you are targeting, try to register a domain that matches as close to the keyword as possible.

4. On Page SEO. Before we start on any inbound link building, we have already done On Page SEO for the website. Here’s the On Page SEO checklist for you if you aren’t familiar with it. On top of that, the website is written with good quality content by the sales agent, and this helped us a lot.

So with these 4 factors in place, we can proceed quick on the link building work, which helps to boost the search ranking fast. Does your website has all these 4 factors in place already? If yes, you too can achieve quick ranking by using effective link building methods!

Can your website get the same SEO result?

Definitely yes. We believe all websites can achieve top Google rankings if they follow a proven SEO ranking strategy. Do you want us to you rank your website in Google so you can get high quality leads and sales for your business?

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