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Thanks for trusting us to make an impact to your business with our marketing services.

To kick off our partnership together, we would need some important information from you. Do note that we respect your privacy and will treat all information give to us as confidential. These information will only be used for our work purposes only.

Here are the important information I need:

1. Website login details

For SEO, we will need to login to your website to check its SEO status. We will inform you in advance of any changes to be made. You can create a separate user account just for our access. (If you’re using WordPress, do grant us an account at the Adminstrator level).

2. Google account logins

For SEO, we will need a Google account for using Google tools:
1) Google My Business
2) Google Search Console
3) Google Analytics
4) Gmail

This Google account will solely be used for SEO purposes only.

If you have used the above Google tools for your website before, you may share with us the Google account, and we will take it from there.

If you would like a separate Google account for our SEO work only, do let us know below. We can create one for you. We will hand the account details over to you after completion of SEO work.

Client Details Form

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